About Me

My name is Michal Šnajdr [Schneider]. I am 24 years old mountain lover coming from the Czech Republic, focusing on endurance sports. When I was a small child I was diagnosed with a bone tumour and undergone an amputation of the right arm. Since then I have adapted to almost everything (instead of clapping with hands). Recently, I spend most of my time on skis, running, climbing and cooking.

You don't need two arms to skimo!

I grew up downhill skiing. Thanks to my grandma I first stepped on skis when I was three years old. Ski mountaineering was a natural evolution. Competing both in European and local races I can consider myself as one of the first handicapped athletes in this sport.

You don’t need two arms to run!

Running for me is an ultimate freedom. During summer days when there is no snow, I discover new places with pushing hard and moving fast. And when I am tired I just take my time.

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